The single biggest issue that companies will face after COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 is having huge impacts on businesses and has put the future of a large number of companies at stake. The consumer demands have dropped substantially due to the national and local quarantines, social isolation and various restrictions on travelling. All these circumstances have led to a lot of uncertainty due to which stock markets and the production at global level of various products have seen sharp falls. Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, there is still hope that the life will one day, return to being normal after this pandemic is under control. And once that happens, businesses will need strategies through which they can engage their workforce and clients again.

But the issue is, it’s not known when that will happen.

Under all these circumstances, not only the companies who are B2B businesses, but also those who are B2C, are facing serious challenges. The main focus of this article will be on sales as the sale cycles are very different in various circumstances. There are businesses whose products as soon as goes into the market are sold and there are certain businesses whose sale cycle is as long as 2 years.

If the companies want to survive the serious consequences that COVID-19 is having, it is crucial that they start production as soon as the authorities lift all the curfew and lock down restrictions. But bear this in mind, this is not going to be as easy as it sounds.

For the companies whose products are for other businesses (B2B companies), the sales funnel should have a large number of prospects at each and every stage. The top leads of this funnel are those that are acquired in various conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. The sales that will be generated through these platforms also have long sales cycles.  

The lack of industrial events:

This is the basis of the entire problem. With the lack of business events like trade shows, conferences and exhibitions due to various restrictions from the start of 2020, even when the companies start production, there will be no leads. A time of 5 months, which would have otherwise been spent on generating leads, has already been wasted even if the companies start production in summers. It will have a huge impact, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The repercussion of COVID-19 will also be strategic on various businesses. These repercussions will have full effect on those companies that are basically B2B oriented. As a famous saying says that “what kills a good deal is time”, a large number of deals that are currently in place, might not be there when the businesses return to normal. As a large number of revenue generated by such companies is through deals with other companies, they are going to feel the full effect of this COVID-19 pandemic as half the year is certainly going to be lost that would otherwise have been spent on getting new deals or generating revenue from those deals.

Therefore, in order to survive in the market after the pandemic, it is imperative to take pro-active measures. The business that have a very long business cycle like say 3 months, they need to start working on new deals 3 months earlier so that they are able to fill the top part of the sales funnel. The businesses that do not have such long business cycles will have to adjust according to the needs of their businesses.

Some other options for the impacted companies:

The answer to this question is unfortunately not simple. Every company will have different solution. The companies will have to start filling the top part of their funnel if they want to cover up the lost time. They will need to fast-track their efforts if they want to convert new opportunities into successful business transactions in order to have sustainable business.

Top Leading Funnel Strategy

For marketing, all the B2B businesses use different sources to promote the sale. Many companies do marketing by doing conferences, go to different exhibitions for publicity or arranging trade shows at different places. But now due to Corvid19 companies are taking the safety precautions and wants to do marketing via the internet here are some ways to do so.

Web Conference

Nowadays it is important to take care of social distance due to Corvid19, but it is also necessary to do work. It is not easy for any person in the world to live without doing work, you can arrange a web conference with the help of which you can tell the people about your products and can sell your product through your website.

It is not difficult to arrange and manage a web conference; it is a cost-effective way to promote your business from home. Many companies are providing the services of online events management for the promotion of different organizations. If you want to get the services from the best company in the world than only contact with us we are the number one leading company in the world.


People do not like to reading, in the podcast you can record your content in the form of voice. It is easy for all the users to download this voice message and listen to it. Record all your main features in the recorder and post it on different social media platform so that it reaches to maximum people. But here the point to be noted is that if you will record the useless words it will give a bad impression, try to use strong  and right words to engage the people.

Content writing

It is the best way to increase the sale of your products by increasing the traffic on the website. Accurate content helps to rank the website on the first page of the Google search engine. Almost 96% people of the world are using Google search engine if you will use the relevant keywords and quality content into your website the algorithm of Google will place your website on the top page of Google. All the people of the world write the keyword in the search bar of Google and opens only the websites which are on the first page. No one goes to the second page of the search engine to buy a product.

You can do this job in many ways such as writing a Blog, Article by making videos about your brand. You can give the answers to the questions of the people on different websites that is also an effective way to build the trust of people on your brand. All you need to have a good plan and strategy to stand your business on the list of leading businesses in the world.

Social Media

Social media is the best and easiest way to convey your message to the people. Every person in the world is using different social media platforms you can use these channels to promote the business. You can run a campaign on different forums, you can also use the services of Google adds. In the ads services Google charge some amount and place your website on the first page of Google search engine if you have the money you can invest and can earn handsome amount with the help of ads services of Google. You can also use the pay per click method to enhance the growth of your business within a few days.

Middle of Funnel Lead Generation Strategy


The advertisement that bases on Account

If you want to know the technique that will increase the sale of your product (ABM) is that one. With the help of an account-based marketing strategy, you can increase the sales percentage of your product to a remarkable level. Here is some key feature of the (ABM).

  • For the business to business services (ABM) is the best and top leading strategy to boost up the business.
  • The best feature of this strategy is that it is a very cost-effective way to do the marketing of your product.
  • It works fast to increase the number of clients when the customers will increase the profit ratio will also increase. So it helps to increase the profit ratio by increasing the customers.

Search Optimization

One of the best and top using ways to increase the sale of your product is to rank your website on the first page of all the search engines. It is possible with the help of search engine optimization techniques, in this you can increase the traffic on your website. There are two ways to do search optimization first one is off-page and the second is on-page. On off-page, you can create backlinks to increase the rating of your website. In on-page you can increase the ranking with the help of keywords, image tags, headings, and other techniques.

If you are responsible to increase the sale of your company, then you need to note down all the above points. These points will allow you to increase the sale of your products. Corvid-19 has decreased the sale of all the products in the world so it is important to do hard work to generate good revenue.

We can help you with the help of our experts to increase your sales in this difficult situation. We have a team of experts who have made the strategies to help you out.

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