12 reasons to explain why SEO is crucial for your business

There is a large number of businesses and brands that are aware of the fact that SEO is plays a crucial role in the expansion of their businesses due to the various benefits that it offers.

It is very much true that SEO plays a big role in showing your presence to the online community but there are also various other benefits that it offers.

The following 12 reasons explain how SEO plays an important role for the brand promotion of large and small scale businesses.

1. Increasing the traffic of your website through organic search:

Organic search plays an important role for the expansion of businesses as it helps in increasing the traffic on your website which, in turn helps in expansion of the business as more traffic ensure more customers.

It is a known fact that Google is one of the biggest search engines and owns about 75 percent of the whole search engine market. The other 25 percent of the market is owned by various other search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Yandex and so many others. Therefore, all the marketers are aware of the fact that they need to have an online presence on google as it is the most widely used search engines. But they also know that even though other search engines are not as widely used as google, but they need their brand to have a visibility on those search engines too as not most people, but some people do still use other search engines.

Google is not only the website that is visited by most of the people in the world, but it is also one of the popular providers in the world for email services. YouTube, another service of google is the 2nd biggest search engine.

People from all over the world visit Google at least once a day to gather information. Therefore, you need to have a presence at all the search engines and specially Google because it will guarantee brand promotion and more business. The quality, speed and SEO of your website plays a major role in this regard.

2. Increasing the credibility and trust on your brand through SEO:

The main method that can help increase the trust and credibility of your brand through the website is a clean, fast, effective and easy user experience. This can be achieved only through experience SEO.

There are many elements that help in establishing the authority in different search engines like Google which are

  • Profiles with high quality backlink
  • Providing a positive user behavior
  • Machine learning signals
  • Optimization of on page content and elements

Therefore the authority of your brand will help a lot more than other types of digital optimization. The main issue in this regard is that building credibility and trust is a long and time taking process as it is in real life. It requires a lot of effort, commitment and patience because the main objective is providing the product and service of high quality which will in turn make loyal customers.

3. Better the SEO better the user experience:

Everyone wants a high visibility but there are a very few people that are aware of the importance of a better user experience to achieve it.

Google has the ability to judge if the user enjoyed or disliked the experience they had had on a certain website. Therefore the need for a better user experience is crucial for success.

If any user doesn’t finds what they are looking for at a certain site, it will create a problem for the website as it results in lower traffic. Google is the biggest example of this as it provided the opportunity of getting to your desired result in fewer clicks in a quick and easy method. Therefore, the quality SEO, with the help of a better user experience, brings success to a certain brand.

4. Get more traffic and customers with localized SEO:

With the growing usage of mobile phone, local search is now pivotal for the growth of medium and small sized businesses.

What local SEO does is, it optimizes the digital features of a certain are so that the people living in that area can easily find the business and therefore, bringing them closer to making a business transaction.

The focus of local optimization is the optimization of a website and the content by including backlinks and citations that are more commonly used in that vicinity as well as including the listings of that area related to a certain business sector to which the brand belongs.

5. The impact of SEO on buying cycle:

All the buyers before selecting a certain product can do extensive research regarding that product.

You can use this opportunity that the internet offers to the customers, to the advantage of your business by relaying messages regarding great deals and high quality and new products and services.

It will automatically have a great impact on the buying cycle if done in the right way.

Local SEO also plays a big role in this regard as it will help in the visibility of your brand to all the customers that are localized to the same area to which your business belongs to.

  1. The SEO strategies are always upgraded

When the SEO marketing strategies are implemented on a website for its promotion, there should be a long term plan because the site has to be maintained and evaluated on continuous basis and any limitation of budget and other resources can be a hindrance in the digital marketing of that project or business.

In this era, everyone hit Google to search for product while buying, therefore the seller have to monitor and try to so appropriate changes to increase the rank of website to 1st Page.

The change in algorithms and monitoring of search engines can sometimes beneficial for the websites doing their marketing. In order to do so it is important for the SEO experts to keep observing the changes in the algorithms.

As we all know that all the search engine including Google do numerous changes in algorithms in calendar year. If you do you not keep yourself updated it becomes difficult to catch up later on. Good SEO experts are pro-active about this.


7. Understanding SEO Helps You Understand the Environment of the Web


Due to the fastest growth rate of digital web sites, making your site the most visible one is a competitive task.

SEO is not a one-time task, it is a continuous process requires continuous changings.

Knowledge of web atmosphere is compulsory; it involves the study of techniques, strategies and digital marketing criteria of your rivals 

8. SEO Is Relatively Cheap


Everything has a cost, depends upon the quality and quantity

But do you know what is the cost of SEO? Without any doubt, SEO is the best marketing technique for maximum outcomes but it is very cost-effective.

It is not the cost for marketing, it is the part of your investment. Perfect SEO is key for long term success. For continuous success, it requires attention more than investment.


9. It’s A Long-Term Strategy


SEO has a deep effect on business. Its effect is not limited to some years but it is effective for many years.

With the evolution of market strategies, you should follow the standards to meet the requirements. Systems should be changed continuously by following the trends and evolutions. Basic SEO strategies are compulsory but new techniques should also be involved for better user experience.

Your reputation in a competitive market environment can only be maintained by continuous struggle and investment in SEO.


10. It’s Quantifiable


SEO cannot benefit you in such a way which can be measured or calculated, the profits come from SEO can only be tracked and analysed.

Back-end techniques are the real confusing terms. These cannot be explained easily and seems just a wastage of time. Applied techniques seem non-relatable.

But these strategies are worthy enough to deliver you the best performance and growth rate.

A perfect SEO expert knows the importance of back-end, it is not a great challenge for him due to his expertise.

Digital marketing experts have deep analysis on the position of the business, they always keep eyes on where the business digital condition was, is and where it will be.

SEO importance can never be judged by ordinary persons but it pays a lot.


11. SEO Brings New Opportunities to Light


To bring the business on the heights of success, SEO always helps the businesses to reach their goals. It brings new ideas and creativity for digital advancements.

As we said SEO is not a one-time task, it needs to hire an SEO team for continuous operations. SEO is the real marketing technique which requires mental efforts and analysis of digital market statistics.

Without deep analysis, creativity cannot be excelled. The new opportunities arise while dealing with SEO strategies.


12. If You’re Not on Page 1, You’re Not Winning the Click

Being on page number 1 on the search result is the only output that can be seen by SEO. If you are not there, there is no chance to win the search game.

According to researches, only top 3 ranked pages are the forty per cent of the overall clicks on the web results. The remaining percentage is covered by the other ranked pages of page number 1, while there is no click percentage on other pages than page number 1

So there are two conclusions that should be followed

  • Be on page no 1, no matter what
  • There are also possibilities that the user query will not produce the required results.



Digital marketing of the brand always needs perfect and powerful SEO strategies. Without the involvement of SEO, the chance of success of the brand through digital means is quite low. SEO is totally modern time marketing. Now being on the front line on the digital market is not an easy task to. It requires a lot of creativity and mental efforts to increase the growth rate.

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