A successful strategy for Digital Marketing in just 7 steps

Times have changed

The main reason for a number of companies opting for digital transformation is that, it is just easier. The do not have to spend large amounts on the marketing of their products and can easily reach their target customers in a convenient way.

In this article, we are going to explain how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. How just by following easier and simple steps, you can improve your marketing strategy and improve your performance.

The competition is tough

With the toe to toe competition in the market today in nearly everything, it is very difficult to get the customer’s attention towards your product. Therefore, if you need to develop an interest in your product, you can not only rely on high exposure with aggressive advertising campaigns. You need a smart strategy for getting the attention.

There is no doubt when we say that advertising increases the number of customers. But even for advertisement, you need perfect timing. For example if you advertise your product when the customer is not in the mood for buying anything, you are wasting your and the customer’s time. Therefore, you need to take care of the needs of your customer and choose the right time. First of all, you need to know how to make an effective strategy. For that, you need to follow the 7 steps

Step 1: Clarity about your goals

You need to define the goals or targets that you want to achieve because without them, it’s just shooting in the dark.

The clarity about your goals is very necessary before developing a strategy. Whether it is a campaign for brand awareness, leads or visibility, you need to set out primary and then secondary goals that you want to achieve. It may seem redundant to you at first but a clarity about your objectives is very important and helps you focus.

A method that we have developed at Grow is that you should ask yourself “Why” 5 times. When you keep answering your whys, you will get to know yourself about the most important goal that should be your primary focus.

For instance

You need brand awareness. Ask yourself that “why” actually do you need brand awareness?
Because I need more people to know my brand. “Why” do you need more people to know about your brand?
To increase customers. “Why” do you need to increase customers?
To increase sales. “Why” do you want to increase sales?
To generate more revenue. “Why” do you need more revenue?
To increase the profits of the company.

By using this technique, you came to know that your main goal is not actually to increase brand awareness, but it is actually to increase profits. Therefore, you will not aimlessly go towards aggressive brand awareness campaigns, but you would rather focus on increasing customer awareness and then focusing on those customers to increase profits.

Another technique that has proven to be fruitful for the alignment of digital marketing goals is to write down the long term and the short term business objectives. After that, you can work on the short term goals which will automatically help you in achieving the long term goals. For example

Short term goals: increase the number of my customers.
Long term goals: create brand awareness.

With this technique, you will try to focus on short term goals which will help you in developing a marketing strategy that will be beneficial for you in achieving your long term goals. For example, to increase the number of customers, you can use services such as Google ads and optimize your website for conversion rate to be higher. On the other hand, you can produce content that you can put on you tube in addition to blog content that will create brand awareness. That content can later also be used for email and social media marketing as well as provide a boost for SEO.

Therefore, by keeping the end goal in your mind and working your way backwards from that particular goal, you can work efficiently and meet your goals successfully.

Step 2: Have a complete understanding about your target

How will you be able to attract someone if you have no idea about their likes and dislikes?

In order to lay down the foundation of an effective and efficient digital strategy, you must know the target customers properly. Start from the basics like who they are? Where do they belong to? Which age group do they belong to? What are their likes and dislikes? If you are looking to target other business groups, you should know about the role of the people that are the decision makers and who does all the research in that particular business?

By keeping all these questions in your mind before going in, you will be able to develop an effective marketing strategy and you will be surprised with the results.

After covering all the basics, identify the ideal customer. These are the people who will prove to be the most beneficial for your business and help you in achieving your goals. They can be the ones that buy a large amount of products, or the ones who buy on a regular basis or they can be simply those people who are easy going.

Another thing that you should keep in mind that the customers who you think are ideal are happy with the services you are providing. Because the customers that are happy with your services, will work with you for a longer period of time. They might also help you in increasing the number of customers through the word of mouth advertising. By making your marketing strategy that is focused on the ideal customers, your efforts will have better results.

Step 3: Get to know about the consumer’s journey.

The consumer’s journey is all the steps that your customer follows while experiencing your brand. It starts from the first time they heard about your product to the last stage that is buying your product and even beyond that. After they have bought your product, they also will be responsible for increasing your customers through their appreciation of your services and the quality of the product.

The marketing of your product must take into account all these stages of the buyer’s journey. It might seem long at first, but it makes all the efforts worthwhile by making the customers your long-term and loyal customers.

On each step of the journey, the mindset of the customer is different. Therefore, while making the marketing strategy, all your efforts should be focused on the mindset that the customer will have on each stage. For example, the first step is awareness about your product. If the customer has no idea about your product, they will not be searching for it. Therefore you need display advertisement about your product to let them know that you exist. At that stage, you should not ask them to buy because they are not yet in the buying stage. Therefore, your message in the advertisement should just focus on attracting them towards your brand. The buying stage comes later in their journey.

So you need to know about how the customers will hear about your product, on which platforms would they search for your and how would they want to get in touch with your? With all these things in mind, you can tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. Also when you are considering each step, you should keep in mind the state of mind that your customers will be at that stage. You should also make sure that you are available at each and every step to answer all the queries and questions that they have about your brand. This will help them by resolving all the doubts that they have about your product and will build a trust about your brand and your product. Also you will get to know if they are frustrated with their earlier experiences that they had with your competitors. You can utilize that knowledge and use it to your advantage.

STEP 4: Work on Key platform

There are many forums by which you can  perform marketing digitally but it is necessary to only work on the forums that generate effective results in a short period. It will help to increase the income of your business within a short budget.

Having said the above, placing all eggs in one basket is dangerous. We saw by working in the past that one channel approach works perfectly as it produces a synergy, increasing the quality of each platform when located together. So the use of different platforms is not bad but it is a good way to stuck on one channel to generate good results. But the necessary thing is to see which platform you would choose for work. It is possible only to analyze the right channel by using specific methods and techniques. If you have fancy to learn those methods, contact Digital Marketing Experts. We will guide you with the help of our experience that we have in this field.

Step 5 : Plan a Good Conveying Plan for Different Channels

Once you have decided on the channels on which you are going to work and the people to whom you are going to target. The next step is what you have to deliver to the audience your content should be very clear. For example, on Google ads, you can show your sales copy to the viewers but on LinkedIn, it is important to provide information about their interest to engage them.

If your customer first time comes to your business platform, explain to them all the benefits of your services and products. In short, explaining about your brand in detail. But if your customer already knows you explain the customer with key points if you will not follow the above mentioned technique, it will give a bad impact on the client.

One thing that is very important that it does not matter what to say the matter is how you say and explain. Use the worlds that effect on the reader and the reader to enjoy the reading. If the visitor will read out all the content, he will surely become your permanent client. If you don’t like to learn all the techniques have no time and any other issues, contact us.

Step 6:  Analysis

You can make a plan but it is difficult to estimate how the plan will work what are the ways with the help of which you implement your plan successfully. Maybe you do work on many different channels and after some time you realize that one of them is doing a good job for us. By analyzing the best forum you can start to give all the time to that certain channel and leave the rest of the all. By focusing on only one channel you can achieve your goals because your all focus will be on the right path. When you will work on the channel that is the key to success then you will easily attract users to gain traffic on your website and at last your business will be on the first page of all the search engines. People get aware of your brand and it will increase your sales.

If you are in search of an agency that works for you then contact Digital Marketing Experts. We have a team of experts who have capabilities to do marketing by using the techniques of digital marketing. We have been working for many years with different businesses you can check out our performance by analyzing the return of investment. We work on a project and increase the return of investment ratio to a remarkable point.

Step 7: Check Performance after an interval 

Check the performance after some time to check which channel is generation the best results. It will save your time and help to generate excellent results. We have realized that if anyone will check the performance every week it is a good approach. When you will check the performance on weekly basis and generate a report than after one to two week you will come to know that which channel is giving the good results then you will start your work only on that specific channel.

It is important to note that if you want to increase the profit ratio with the help of digital marketing your team should be very expert. They should know all the methods and tools and new ideas to give good results for businesses.

If you are in search of such a kind of agency who has vast experience, you are in the right place we are working in these fields for many years. Contact with us to boost up your business. Digital Marketing Experts is a famous name of digital marketing, we are providing the services of digital marketing. Our team who works for the marketing of the different business is highly qualified.

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