Neuromarketing within Web Design: 11 quick tips you can implement now!

In order for increasing the conversion rate of any website, the introduction of neuromarketing has shown promising results. The trend of neuromarketing is on the rise in this distracting and chaotic digital marketing era.

What is Neuromarketing?

The application of various neuroscience principles like scanning, brain imaging and other types of brain activity to marketing. The response of the subject is then measured for different types of packaging, products, various marketing elements and advertising.

The 11 neuromarkting principles that can be applied to various websites are

  1. Design
  2. Gestalt Principles
  3. Hyperbolic Discounting
  4. Information Overload
  5. Mirror Neurons
  6. Paradox of choice
  7. Power words
  8. Priming
  9. Scarcity Principle
  10. Social proof
  11. The 3 “what’s”


  1. Design:

Design and priming (# 8) are often confused as being the same. The outlook of a webpage has a very deep influence on the viewer which in turn also impacts the perception of the customer towards the site. Therefore, it can be said that what makes the first impression upon the customer is aesthetics of a web page.


Make sure that the design of the web page of your company and your logo are a top priority. Consider taking professional help in this regard also as the design and logo have a deep impact upon the perception towards your brand.


Design is often distributed in two parts

  1. Personal taste
  2. Technical aspects

Whenever you are deciding about the design, keep one thing in mind that personal opinions differ from one person to another. Just make sure that your design is a true representation of the style and personality of the bran.

The technicality in a design differentiates the strong from an amateur one. To make a strong impression about your company, make sure that every aspect of your design like fonts, padding, alignment and everything has been properly considered.

  1. Gestalt Principles

These principles explain how one perceives something with respect to its position among other things.

For instance, when someone sees a number of clothes, then they are not considered as individual t-shirt or trouser etc. but it is considered a pile of clothes.

This is very important to consider when the layout of the site is being designed. Like you can put various things in the top menu which will give each one of them a meaning e.g. Home deliver, contact us, about us etc.

By grouping them together, the choices that the user needs to make are less as the sole focus is on single group instead of a large number of objects.


These principles will make it easier for the customer to understand everything about your site and they will have a better user experience.

You can tell different things about your products or your services by using these principles through which the user will have a better understanding about your brand through compartmentalization.

  1. Hyperbolic Discounting

People will be more interested in having a small reward sooner instead of a large reward after some time.

That is, your current pleasure has more importance than some future pleasure.

A great example is people going for junk food even knowing that it will have a bad impact on their health.

For this reason, buying instantly and paying later offers help in attracting more customers.


Consider the delayed costs or instant benefits.


If you can wait for the reward, increase your prices.

Consider giving immediate rewards if some is buying or committing to a high value object.

You can charge a high price if services are being availed for short time e.g

 $10 for 1 month
$40 for 1 year

  1. Information overload:

People do not like making a lot of effort all the time. In the same way, people don’t like to think either. Efforts are made only for the things that have benefits.

In order to understand something, we need to understand all the information about it. To understand more information, large amount of effort is required.


Try to present only the information which is related to buying a certain product or service. Only give the information that is required for making a decision and then later, when they have become a customer, convey all the information.


Less information means drawing the attention to the information that is left. So try to give less information in order to draw attention to the important things.

Also keep one thing in mind that if someone is visiting your website for the first time, they will not be willing to put a lot of effort as others.

They will rather choose someplace where they can find the services or products by putting less effort.


What about the various search engines?

It is a fact that more content means better SEO, however, better engagement on your website also contributes to better SEO. It is normally recommended that you perfect and design your website in such a way that it attracts more people and helps in more successful conversions. On the other hand, you can provide all the required information through various blogs which Google seeks.


  1. Mirror Neurons:

These are those cells in the brain which are responsible for empathy as they help in mirroring the feelings of someone else. For this reason, major brands associate feelings with themselves like for example Coke uses “happiness” in almost all of their ads. The costumers, thus associate happiness when they buy Coke which will make someone buy a Coke when they feel happy.

Through this, you can convey the feeling that you have associated with your brand whenever someone buys your product. Also make use of various images (preferably positive) in ads of your brands and leave the rest upon the mirror neurons of your customers.


By using various images, words and videos, you can convey feelings to your customers whenever they are interacting with your brand.

By prioritizing and remembering this technique, you can use a large number of imagery to reflect your brand and communicate better with your customers through emotions.


The images that are used should be relevant to your brand. The user should be able to portray the person in the image. It will be easier for customers to portray themselves as the ones in the images only if the images are kept relevant.

6: A lot of Decisions

In the process of decision making, if there will be a lot of choices for a person to make a decision, the person will face difficulty in making the right decision. For making the right decisions from many options a lot of energy is needed. Many people do not like to make any kind of decision. They want to complete the process of purchasing a product without any tension.


Design the front end of your website user friendly, reduce the complexity of your website. For example, make your website in a way that if any visitor opens your website he does not have to search a lot for the desired result. Place all menu on the front page, also provide the facility of search bar so anyone can search any category from this feature easily. Keep your main products on the home page of your website to increase the sale of your products.

Remember it

Your order taking system should be user friendly, for example when a person starts to place the order your system track the location of the buyer with the help of location tracking service. Your system should fetch the customer name and other necessary information from the user login account, the user does not have to fill it again.

7: Quality Content

The quality of the content helps to engage a customer with your brand. If you will use the useless words, it will produce a bad image on the reader and you will fail to achieve your goals. Use such a power full words that express your product or services in a very efficient way. When anyone read about your product he fell you are the best.


Try to use the words that engage the reader.

Remember it

People do not like to read the full content, they only go through the headings of all the paragraphs. Mention your headings in such a way that the heading explains all the words that you want to write in the whole paragraph.

8: Pass the Right Message

Attach the pictures of your products or services on your website but don’t attach the wrongs pictures. For example, if you want to promote your school and you teach from playgroup to 5th class only attach the pictures of students of 5 to 11 years. If you will attach the pictures of students of class 9th or 10th it will represent you in a wrong way, only present what you are.


Write the right content on your website so that when your customer approaches you he finds the products or services that you tell to them on the website. It will build your trust in the mind of that customer and he will become your permanent customer.

Remember It

Only focus on your main products or services, do not write useless thinks that produce a bad impact on your customer. When you will focus on your key points you will produce good results.

9: Out of Stock

Many times customer checks a product and thinks he will come back later to buy it when the customer comes again to buy the product that product goes out of stock. To avoid this situation, mention the amount of stock with the price of the product. So that when a customer checks he come to know that what is the status of the stock of the product.

Remember it

When you will mention the amount of stock of the product it will show how many people are buying that product. It will increase the interest of the people. In this way, you can increase the sale of the product and can generate good revenue.


10: Testimonials

Everyone nowadays wants to buy the best products, for this almost 90% buyer of the world check the feedback. There should be a feedback section in your website when different user will share their experience it will help you to improve your quality and it will also help the other buyers of the product, they will come to know what is the quality of the product. All the companies in the world are using this technique to increase the percentage of customers.


Make a separate section of the testimonial, ask all the users to give feedback to you. Take feedback on all the products and display the top-rated products on the front page of your website. When the visitors will come they will see what are your best products and they will buy your products.

Ratings of the products also optimize the website on the search engine, when anyone searches for a specific product on any search engine top-rated products come on the first page of the search engine.

Remember it

Only show positive feedback on your website delete the bad comments from your site. Use the pictures and videos to represent your products. Post the testimonials in the form of videos and pictures because the people do not like to read out the comments. It is the best way to create a positive image in the mind of the buyer. Keep in mind this key point to sell your product online.

11: Concept of What

When any customer visits any website to buy any product three questions come to the mind of the client.

What is this?

What is for me?

What I have to do now?

It is very important to answer these questions in a very efficient way if you will give the answers to these questions you will be successful to engage the visitor with your brand. When a person will find out the answer to these questions he will fell satisfaction and he will buy products from your website.

Remember It

It is not necessary that the visitor will only open the front page there is also a possibility that someone gives the link of any other page and he open that page, the point here it that apply three what concepts on all the pages of the website. When the person open any page of the website he find the answer to the question. He does not have to search for the answer to the question.

Use all of the above-mentioned principles to increase the sale of your products. If you will follow these rules you will earn a handsome amount of money.

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