Choosing the right social media platform

Social media marketing play a crucial role in the business marketing strategy these days. It not only saves a lot of money but it is also very efficient for improving brand awareness. Through social media, customers can stay in touch with various businesses which will establish a better connection between the customer and the brand.

But all the social media websites are not the same. The target audience for each platform is different. Therefore, before you make a social media marketing strategy for a certain business, it is important to consider the objective of the business and the audience that your need to target.

Defining your brand:

A large number of businesses specially the ones that are comparatively new, overlook the importance of establishing the personality of their brand. Only through defining a personality for your brand, you will be able to provide content that is consistent. If you are not aware that whether the personality of your brand is formal or casual, you might waste a lot of resources and money by targeting the wrong audience.

Knowing the statistics for targeting audience:

$ 74 billion was spent on making social media ads in 2018. This number has been on the rise ever since, which shows the importance of social media marketing. So the knowledge regarding every platform will help in choosing the one that will be the most beneficial.

29.7% users on Facebook are adults between the ages 25-34 along with 76% users being females. Facebook has almost 80 million profiles for different businesses and overall reach is 8.1% which includes both paid and organic. On the other hand, Instagram has a very high female users and 60% users their claim that they find products through Instagram and 75% of those make successful conversions. Therefore, it can be notices from these statistics that different social media platforms are used by various age groups and genders. This knowledge can help in creating a beneficial social media marketing strategy. For example using LinkedIn for the promotion of cosmetic would be a huge mistake as it mainly targets B2B companies. Instagram would be the better choice for promotion of such items.

Optimization for different platforms:

  • 23 billion users on Facebook
  • 1 billion users on Instagram
  • 330 million users on Twitter
  • 9 million users on YouTube
  • 575 million users on LinkedIn

Therefore after thoroughly analyzing all the platforms, same content should not be published on all the profiles as it will create an impression of laziness and the content would be redundant. The posts should be made in such a way that it targets the audience according to the social media platform and the type of users that are there. For example, the main focus of Facebook and Instagram is different choices and most of the information is inside the profile of the user. Whereas Twitter and LinkedIn focus on profile information according to catchphrases, hashtags and client handles. In the same way, the tones of different social media platforms is also different which should be considered when making the content for the social media strategy.

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