How Much Do Web Development Cost in Dubai and other Web Trends 2020

Nowadays a question is arising day by day in the digital world that “what should be the cost of a website?” It seems a simple question that should have a simple answer but sorry to say that the answer is not so simple. The price of the website depends on quality and status. Let me explain to make it simple from an example.

Assume, you want to buy a car but there is a variety of cars in the market. So you will buy a car that is according to your budget. If you have a small budget, Nissan Micra will be your preference while in case of a large budget, you will have a Ferrari. The same situation is here.



What is a Ferrari in Website Terms?


It will be my pleasure that I could reply to your question. Let’s take an example, you are a car seller and you have Nissan Micra to sell. A regular customer came to you to buy Ferrari because he/she has a large budget. But the problem is you do not have Ferrari and you do not want to let your customer go to another seller. In the scenario, this is obvious that you will lose your regular customer to your competitor. This will make you weak while your opponent will become stronger. 



But what if I can’t afford a Ferrari?

There is always another way, do not worry if the Ferrari is not affordable to you. Maybe you could afford Lexus, Audi, Mazda or any other best car. You should choose what you can afford. The same rule is for websites




The One Glaring Difference


The difference is that buying a car can benefit you but a website can generate profits for your businesses.


For a seller, a car could be a source of attraction of customers but as a developer, you have to understand the difference that car is a need but the website is not just a need, it is an investment. 


A good website can generate large profit you in your business. You invest a large amount on traditional marketing of your business product to get success in the market, just compare the cost of website and cost on the traditional market. There is a great difference but the same outcomes. The website can benefit you more than other investments.


 The cost of a website is relatively low to reach your goal. It can save your money but can return you much more. Maybe now you have understood the importance of a website for your businesses. It means a lot.

Want to know the price of developing a website 

If you want to know how much return of investment you will get from a website, I have a calculator in which you can calculate the RIO from your website. You can download that calculator from this website and can check that how much profit you will get from the money you want to invest in developing a website.

It depends on the optimization and functionality of a website that how much money you can earn from a website by selling the products. If you will invest a small amount of money your website will not be an optimized website and your profit ratio will be very less but if you invest a handsome amount of money in the development of a website your website will be optimized and you will earn good revenue.

Factors that affect the cost of a website 

 Factors that  affect the cost of the website  are as follow

Amount of Pages in a Website

If the number of pages will be large it will take more time for a developer to develop the website, he has to write the code of all the pages so it will cause to increase the cost of development.

Custom design or pre-made design

All the companies of website development ask the customers about the design of a website if the customer wants to create a custom design the developers have to work on that design from scratch. It will increase the cost of the website development but if any customer chooses a design from pre-made templates it will be easy for the developer to work on it and its charges will be less than the custom design.

Functions of a website

If you want to develop a simple website for a blog there will be no functions in the website, on the other hand if you want to develop a website for a bus booking company there will be a lot of functionalities in that system such as booking of tickets, schedule of buses and many more the cost of developing such a kind of website will be high than the first one.

Development life cycle

The website development life cycle consists of five phases, some people say to the developers to skip some phases to minimize the cost of development. It is not a good approach for example if you will skip the phase of testing of the website there is a possibility of errors in the website which can affect the performance of your work.

Optimized Website

To increase the sale of your product it is very important to reduce the load time of your website it requires a lot of time and money.

Quality content

If you want to increase the traffic of your website, it is possible only with the help of quality content. Powerful words can engage the visitors with the website. For quality content, we need an expert that can write content. If you will hire content writer it will increase the cost of development.


Other than that when you will decide your budget the other key point that can help you to achieve your goals is to develop your website from an expert of website development. Expert of web developers knows all the techniques and rule to build an efficient website. So if you want to develop a website take the services of the best website developer. If you will do so it will be good for you.


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